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Azure Training FAQs

Who is the Faculty?
Sandeep Soni, MCT, MCPD, MCSD, MCP, Azure Certified. He has a training experience of more than 20 years
What is fee Structure?


70-532 + 70-533





₹ 12,000/-INR


$250/- USD

₹ 15,000/-INR

Group of 5+

Discount: 10% Extra

70-532 + 70-533 + 70-534

₹ 22,000/-

*GST Extra.
Any Discounts or Offers

Regarding any Offers and Discounts please contact


Mrs. Kashmira Shah +91 8008327000


Mrs. Kashmira Shah +1 510-709-3180

Skype Chat with Mrs. Kashmira Shah
What are the modules you provide Training?
70-533 - Certified Program in Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

70-533 Syllabus

70-532 - Certified Program in Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

70-532 Syllabus

70-535 - Certified Program in Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
What are the Pre-requisite/Audiences before Training?

70-533-Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions:IT Professionals with knowledge of IT Deployments, Network Administrators, Web Server Administrators, Database Administrators, System Engineers.

70-532-Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions: ASP.NET and C# applications

70-535-Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions: Prior knowledge on 70-533(Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions) and 70-532(Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions)

What are the Training Timings?

Batch Details: Weekends(Sat and Sun) only


70-533: 7:00AM to 9AM (IST)

70-532: 9:00AM to 11AM (IST)

What if Training Timings are not suitable for me?

You can watch the Pre recorded Videos of Sandeep Soni by registering.

Any materials will be provided?

Yes, you will get a soft copy during the online session.

How can I do practice after the online session?

We will give you a free Microsoft Lab Voucher. you can practice in portal on various topics

What if I miss any class?

You can revise the class again in next batch. We are allowing for next batch also

What if my extension period is complted?

You have to pay ₹ 3000 + GST for one month accessing.

Any Certification Guidance after Training?

Yes, We will give you certification guidance.

Do I get any Course Completion Certificate?

Yes, yo will get a Course completion Certification from us.

Azure Consulting FAQs

How Azure benefits?

Microsoft Azure is the backbone of the Microsoft Cloud, and the fastest growing Cloud Infrastructure Platform on the planet today.

Sure, AWS stills dwarfs all the other major Cloud providers including Microsoft Azure but I think Azure has stronger Hybrid Cloud capability and operates in 19 regions across the world (and it’s the only one with capability in China). Plus Azure (and the Microsoft Cloud in general) is rapidly adopting and adapting the standards of other operating systems and embracing competing software platforms to ensure Azure stays relevant to as many people and companies as possible. So, today you can run a Linux based Android app on Azure. Who would have expected that from the Microsoft of 12 months ago?

Azure vs dedicated server?
Azure Dedicated Server
1. Cloud servers never go down as in case of any issue 1. dedicated servers, there’s risk of downtime and hardware failure
2. Increase or decrease of allotted resources – computing cores, RAM, and storage, as per workloads, is very easy and simple with cloud server. 2. When it comes to dedicated server, rigid specifications are there and scaling of resources is a bit difficult and time consuming task.
3. With cloud servers, you have to trust your provider for the services and for taking adequate measures for security. 3. But in dedicated servers, you yourself need to take essential measures from monitoring server resources to upgrading your dedicated server to secure your sensitive and confidential business information.
4. Hourly resource-based billing is among big benefits of cloud server hosting is typically pay as you go, that means you pay only for the computing resources that you actually use. 4. Dedicated servers are generally billed monthly and you have to pay a consistent amount irrespective of how much server and resources you actually use.
5. In cloud server, one does not have complete control and is limited to offerings provided by the service provider. 5 However, a dedicated server offers complete control over the server as one can add applications, programs and performance enhancing measures to the machine.
Azure Hosting vs dedicated server ?
Azure Dedicated Server
1. It basically is about how much you use.You only get charged for the amount of storage and the time for which you use the storage. The minimum billing normally starts at $50, and there's no upper limit of course because you're billed at “pay-as-you-use” model. The best part about cloud storage is that there is nothing that is capped like dedicated servers. Whether it is data store cost or data transfer cost, a user is charged only for what he or she uses on the cloud. 1. Monthly cost for dedicated servers may range from $100 to $1,000 depending upon the packages. It can actually start even at $50 but such configurations are usually not that useful; the billing of a standard dedicated server normally starts at around $100.
2. same even with cloud servers but here you have the ability to switch to a new instance leaving a “dirty” instance behind, cleaning up that machine without interrupting things, and then moving back to the same machine in a hassle-free manner. 2. Dedicated servers are as fast as their cloud counterparts; however, there is something called "dirty" instance in the case of dedicated servers. It is quite normal to see a computer slowing down over a period of time due to too many unwanted program files and temp files running on the server.
3. Since data is stored and retrieved from multiple machines on the cloud, even if one of the servers crashes down unexpectedly, your website/web app won't go down, and you may just experience some performance issues and a slowdown in the pace of execution. 3. However, in the case of a dedicated server, there's no such possibility of a backup kicking in, and your website/web app directly goes on in the case of a server crash, and there is no interim solution available until the server is repaired, and gets up-and-running again.
Can I achieve High Availability quickly and cost effectively?

yes for both options. However, this can be achieved very quickly with cloud servers. You can configure an HA environment quickly with multiple cloud servers and a load balancer within minutes. While you can request an HA environment within a dedicated infrastructure using multiple dedicated servers and a dedicated load balancer, this can take hours or even days to build. Another key difference here is that building a HA environment in the cloud can cost up to 60% less.

Can I manage my servers on-the-go using a mobile device?

Yes, both iOS and Android operating systems are compatible with cloud servers. This is not the case with dedicated hardware and management is a manual process.

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