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How to prepare for 70-533 Exam : – Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions: I have recently passed the exam 70-533 with 93%. I should say it was not easy provided we approach very systemically and with proper planning utilizing all the resources.

Before writing an exam I wanted to understand if anyone has shared their experience about the latest syllabus of 70-533 but I found that most of the BLOGS are only talking their experience in regards to the OLD syllabus.

The moment you think of writing an Azure Certification you have to first decide which certification is best for you from the following

  1. 70-532 – Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
  2. 70-533 – Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  3. 70-534 – Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

70-533 and 70-534 are for I.T. Professionals who have some kind of experience may be in Windows Network Administration, Database Administration, Managing Web Servers, Managing Hardware Setups.

 if you are project managers, solution providers or System Analyst, knowledge of Azure is very much essential for you.

  1. Look at skills measured at
  2. Following  topics which are covers latest certification exam (syllabus has changed since Dec – 2017)
  3. Design and implement Azure App Service apps (15–20%)
  4. Create and manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines (20–25%)
  5. Design and implement a storage strategy (20–25%)
  6. Implement an Azure Active Directory (15–20%)
  7. Implement virtual networks (10–15%)
  8. Design and deploy ARM templates (10–15%)
  1. Some Important Tips / Dos and Don’ts

  1. Try to search and learn each subtopic of all the major topics mentioned above.

    Microsoft Azure Documentation

    is the best place is very exhaustive, time-consuming to read everything. Sometimes YouTube and BLOGS can be good options.

  2. Ensure that you have hands-on experience (walk-throughs) on every topic of the syllabus because that is the only way you can choose the best answer from the multiple choice questions you would have in an exam.
  3. Give importance to PowerShell Scripts to perform various tasks and try to understand the structure of ARM templates for various resources.
  4. DON’T invest your time on topic AZURE CLOUD SERVICE as this is completely removed from the syllabus. Be assured that you will not get any questions from this topic.
  5. Don’t waste your time working on Classic Portal. All topics must be practiced using

    New Azure Portal

  6. As most of the exam questions are multiple choice questions, a rule of eliminating the wrong answers would be best.
  7. Do look at Microsoft Official Courseware for “70-533 – Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions”. It an excellent place for finding all topics of Skills Measured at one place. You can buy this only from Microsoft Learning Partners as they are only authorized to sell the same.
  8. The final part of a preparation for the exam should be an official Microsoft Practice Test from MeasureUp. It helps you to judge your skills and find your weak areas.
  9. you can understand how the exam pattern would be and provide you good confidence.
  10. I would not suggest to totally depend on them, recommend you look at lots of dumps websites available online. Please don’t depend upon DUMPS alone…

Some General Questions”Please click: FaQ Questions

  1. How can I Practice Microsoft Azure Labs?
  2. Do I really need to have Practical Experience for writing Certification Exams?
  3. Are Certification Exams useful or recognize in the industry?
  4. Where can I write Azure Certification Exam?

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    How to prepare for 70-533 – Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions

    How to prepare for 70-533

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