You are a developer for ProseWare Inc., a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company …

Background: You are a developer for ProseWare Inc., a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides a commentsystem that websites use to allow for end users to post comments associated with a webpage or topic on acustomer’s website.

Business requirementsModeration:
The moderation of comments is a feature of the software, and usually involves the editing of a comment.

Only users who have accounts in a group in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) have the ability moderate.
External users can also become moderators, but only by explicit invitation.Any moderation action must include the name of the moderator.

Comment navigation:
Each comment is identified by a unique string consisting of a random string of characters. Within the body of a comment, internal links to other comment threads can be specified using the link format: “/ /

Comment search:
Comments can be searched using Azure Search.

Searches must do the following:
Searching for email addresses must match email addresses in comments.Searching must work for the client’s language.Internal links to other comments using the link format should be searched.

Content screening:
Comment content is screened for inappropriate language, length, and topic using content analysis.
Contentmust be screened, but can appear prior to be screened.

Mobile App:
The moderation functionality can be accessed using a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app namedProsewareApp. The app includes functionality that notifies moderators when changes are made to a commentthey modified.

Customers can perform an export of all comments to a customer supplied Microsoft OneDrive folder ondemand. The export functionality is implemented as an Azure Logic App, and it must be able to be triggered bythe customer from their local network.

Interaction agents:
Interaction agents are parts of the system that interact with comment threads. The main purpose is to modify acomment’s body based on the contents of the comment. For example, one of the agents is WikiAgent, whichadds links to Wikipedia articles when it sees text in the comment body that exactly matches a Wikipedia articletitle. Interaction Agents are implemented in Service Fabric.

Interaction agents must meet the following requirements:
Only successfully process each comment onceAny errors encountered during the processing of a comment should be retriedMust run on systems that allow for custom applications to be installedMust run in a VNet or private network spaceMust be run on a system that can scale up and down based on demandA single user’s usage of Interaction Agents must not impact other users’ usage of
Interaction Agents.

Technical requirementsAuthentication:
ProseWare Inc. allows for user authentication through Azure AD and Twitter.

The application runs as a Web App on Azure. Comments are stored in an Azure DocumentDB databasenamed “Proseware”.

The product includes a service level agreement (SLA) for individual method performance. All data retrievalmethods must return within 100ms 99% of the time.

The ProseWare Inc. API is made available to public callers using an Azure API App. Azure AD and
Twitter arethe Authentication Providers.

Application structureCommentController.cs:







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You need to implement the infrastructure for the Interaction Agents.
Solution: Create a set of Azure virtual machines (VMs) using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, anduse Chef to install the Service Fabric runtime.Does the solution meet the goal?
A. Yes
B. No

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