You are developer for Fabrikam, a company that specializes in payment processing….

CASE STUDY Background: You are developer for Fabrikam, a company that specializes in payment processing. Fabrikam is developing a solution to process payments for various events, such as music concerts. You develop an ASP.NET MVC website that is hosted in Azure to support an upcoming music concert. The music concert is expected to generate a large volume of ticket sales in a short amount of time.
The website uploads information to an Azure storage queue. A worker role in Azure retrieves information fromthe queue and generates the concert tickets in a PDF file format after the financial transaction is approved.
You observe a delay between the time the website adds a message to a queue and the time it becomesavailable to read from the queue. After examining the queue, you determine that no queue messages have aDequeueCount value greater than zero. The website does not throw any errors.

Business Requirements Payments: The music concert website must be able to submit event payment information for processing. The website must remain responsive while submitting payment information. Customers must be able to add notes about their orders to a free-form control on the website. These notes must be submitted with the payment when the customer submits an order.
Customers often enter notes that exceed 7 KB in size.
Technical Requirements Payment Submission and Processing: Event payment information must be sent from the website to a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)service worker role. The worker role must submit the information to the payment processor in JSON format.

Payment processing you have the following payment processing requirements:If the number of messages in a queue goes above or below a specified threshold, worker role instances must be created or deleted as needed. This process must be completed by using the least amount of effort.It must be easy to reconfigure role instance thresholds. Payments must be retrieved from the queue in the maximum batch sizes that are allowed by the queue and pulled from the queue for 5 minutes. The payment queue must not be re-created when processing payments. During single Payment processing, the number of tickets available for an event must be updated.
The update operation must be retried for 30 seconds or 5 retry attempts, whichever occurs first. Each retryshould pause for at least two seconds and for one second longer than the previous attempt. If the updatefails, the payment should be placed in the poison queue.

Storage You have the following storage requirements: Payment information must be stored by using Azure Queue storage. Connection to the Azure storage account has been established in a configured setting named StorageConnectionString, which is configured for the web and worker roles.
A payment processing queue and a poison payment queue must be used when processing payments.
Azure Queue message content must be XML-safe and UTF-8 encoded.
An Azure storage account must be established for diagnostic information in a configured settingnamedDiagnosticsStorageConnectionString, which is configured for both the web and worker roles.
Security and Monitoring:
Security: The web role must be secured by using HTTPS.
Monitoring :you must collect diagnostic data for both the web and worker roles by using the Diagnostics module.
Diagnostics configuration changes must not require the code of the roles to be rebuilt.
The diagnostic data is used for debugging and troubleshooting, measuring performance, monitoring resource usage, traffic analysis and capacity planning, and auditing.Performance testing must evaluate the roles under normal and stress conditions without incurring changes for running Azure. Memory allocation, function time, and multithreading concurrency issues must be evaluated.
You purchase a custom domain name to host the website, web role, and worker roles.
You must deploy an HTTPS certificate with the web role, and you must update associated configuration files accordingly.
Web role and worker role instance sizes must be specified as Medium. You must deploy one web role instance named FabrikamFundingPaymentGenerator, and worker role instances namedFabrikamFundingPaymentProcessor.
Application Structure: Relevant portions of the app files are shown below. Line numbers are included for reference only and include a two-character prefix that denotes the specific file to while they belong.

The SendMessageAsync method of the QueueManager class occasionally throws errors.You need to correct the errors.
What should you do?
A. Update the QueueManager to use the Put Message operation of the Queue Service REST API. Use HTTP compression for all calls made to the REST API.
B. Encode the notesfield content by using UTF-32 encoding.
C. UpdateSendMessageAsyncmethod of the QueueManager class to store the notes field in BLOB storage. Update the EventPaymentclass to store the BLOB uniform resource identifier (URI). Extract the notes BLOB information by using the BLOB URI in the ProcessMessagesAsyncmethod of the QueueManager class.
D. Update the notesfield to a byte array. Binary encode and decode the notescontent when sending or receiving an EventPaymentclass.

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