You are creating virtual machines (VMs)…

– You are creating virtual machines (VMs) that are hosted on Azure.
– You must be able to change the Remote Desktop access settings for the VMs. You must also be able tochange the password for the built-in administrator account on all VMs.
– You identify the VMAccess VMextensions that have the required capabilities.
– You need to enable the VMAccess VM extensions.
Which approach should you use?
A. Use Azure PowerShell cmdlets to change the name of the availability set to the same name for all of the VMs.
B. Use the Azure portal to restart each VM.
C. In the Azure Portal, create an image from a virtual hard disk (VHD) for each VM by running Sysprep.
D. For each VM, use Azure PowerShell cmdlets to enable the VM Agent and the VMAccess VM extensions.

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