A business has recently implemented a hybrid cloud..

A business has recently implemented a hybrid cloud federated solution, which will allow it to rapidly and dynamically allocate recourses during high demand, and quickly implement its Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and Continuity of Operations (COOP). Given this implementations, the IT director is mostly likely concerned about:
A. maintaining strategic flexibility
B. reducing OPEX allocations
C. hiring additional IT staff
D. eliminations security risks

These situations almost always result in loss of revenue, and in some cases, loss of client base. Where these plans differ is in the main concept topic for which they prepare. Business Continuity Plans generally focus on the continuation of business services in the event of any type of interruptions whether its IT based or other.

Disaster Recover Plans often refer to a company’s strategy if something happens to crucial business data, and how to restore / recover that data (generally in the shortest amount of time possible).
COOP and DRP: What is the difference?

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