You are building an ASP.NET Azure Web App that is built….

– You are building an ASP.NET Azure Web App that is built from source code on GitHub. Automatic deployment is used for integration testing.
– The web.config file has settings that are updated during development deployments by using a TransformXml MSBuild task.
– The settings in the web.config must be set to specific values during integration testing.
You need to ensure that the web.config is updated when the Web App is deployed to Azure.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. In Azure, add an app setting namedSCM_BUILD_ARGSwith the value/p:Environment=Integration.
B. Add the integration settings and values to the ServiceDefinition.csdef and ServiceConfiguration.csfg files.
C. In Azure, create a new deployment slot namedIntegration.
D. Create an XML Document Transform (XDT) file namedweb.Integration.configthat converts the values to the integration test values.
E. In Azure, add a tag with the key Environment and the value Integration.

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