Azure Application Services

  • One of the other things we do with Azure to enable that is provide a bunch of Application Building Blocks. These are managed services that we run to provide a lot of value so you can avoid setting up the infrastructure for common capabilities.
  • You can provision VMs and put anything you want in it but in a lot of cases you will find that we have built-in services that are delivered by Microsoft and their partners. What’s cool is that you can use any of these services with a VM, with a Web App, or with a Cloud Service – so you have flexibility in how you will consume them.
  • Some Important Services:
  • Media Service: Azure Media Services powers consumer and enterprise streaming solutions worldwide. Combining powerful and highly scalable cloud-based encoding, encryption and streaming components, Media Services helps customers with valuable and premium video content easily reach larger audiences on today’s most popular digital devices, such as tablets and mobile phones
  • Service Bus: Azure Service Bus is a generic, cloud-based messaging system for connecting just about anything—applications, services and devices—wherever they are. Connect apps running on Azure, on-premises systems, or both. You can even use Service Bus to connect household appliances, sensors and other devices like tablets or phones to a central application or to each other.
  • Search Service: Azure Search makes it easy to add powerful and sophisticated search capabilities to your website or application. The integrated Microsoft natural language stack, also used in Bing and Office, has been improved over 16 years of development.
  • Business Analytics – It allows you to easily build reporting capabilities into your Azure application. SQL Azure Reporting provides many of the features you know from SQL Server Reporting to create reports with tables, charts, maps etc. and more and deploy them on both private and public clouds. Reports can be exported to popular file formats such as Excel, Word, PDF, XML etc. You can use Business Intelligence Design Studio and Sql Server Tools to deploy your reports onto the cloud reporting server.
  • HD Insight – It is the Apache Hadoop based Service for Azure that lets you analyze data so big that relational databases can’t handle.
  • Caching – It provides distributed in memory cache service for Azure and SQL database applications.
  • Access Control – It is a service that allows makes it easier for an application to accept identity information from Facebook, Google, Windows Live ID, and other popular identity providers. Rather than requiring the application to understand the diverse data formats and protocols used by each of these providers, Access Control translates all of them into a single common format.
  • Azure AD Graph provides programmatic access to read data in Azure Active Directory (AD) through REST API endpoints.
  •  Azure Authentication Library (AAL) makes it very easy for developers to add to their client applications the logic for authenticating users to Azure Active Directory or their providers of choice, and obtain access tokens for securing API calls.
  •  and Many more…

Subscribing to Azure:

Free trial: This gives you a $200 credit and a month to try out any combination of resources in Azure. Visit

  1. MSDN subscriptions: If you have an MSDN subscription, you get a specific amount in Azure credit each month. For example, if you have a Visual Studio Premium with MSDN subscription, you get $100 per month in Azure credit.
  2. Pay-as-you-go: With this subscription, you pay for what you use by attaching a credit card or debit card to the account. If you are an organization, you also can be approved for invoicing.
  3. Enterprise agreements: With an enterprise agreement, you commit to using a certain amount of services in Azure over the next year, and you pay that amount ahead of time.


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